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Certification and Membership 

Recognition affords one the high distinction of having been approved and registered by an international organization with a commitment for thoroughness and integrity. The certification process is, of course, voluntary, but it actually means that one’s title and/or lineage has been investigated and shown to be true by hard solid evidence uncovered by experts hired to verify the facts in each case. The problem is that both real and fake nobles, and even royals, are often treated and dishonored in the minds of many as though they were deceivers and imposters. Certification can substantially increase one's acceptance and recognition internationally to the point that many barriers to such are quickly and permanently removed.  Certification or full registration can be confirmed by regular mail or e-mail. (Please note that this service is for confirmations of certification and full registration and only by permission of the individual involved)

Regular (uncertified) members can and do make an important contribution financially to the nobility and royalty of the earth just by paying their membership fees each year. Contributing members have given over $2000.00 to promote monarchy and the ideals of nobility and royalty. Thereby helping the Commission to safeguard and protect the public from scammers as well. The Commission does this by certifying and authenticating only those who make genuine and true claims of honor and  providing the principles that will enable people to identify the false from those who are genuine and true.

Other regular members can become Diplomates and Fellows of the International Commission on Nobility and Royalty by contributing to the cause of constitutional monarchy, nobility or chivalry whether through us or in some other significant way in society. We applaud those who care enough to contribute to monarchy whoever they are.

The Commission will publish a newsletter informing members of major happenings in the world of nobility and royalty, how to identify the true from the false, and lessons learned along the way. This will not take the place of, or be in competition with other various magazines, publications or message boards on nobility and royalty, which members are encouraged to purchase and enjoy. It is merely designed to speak exclusively to the purposes that are relevant to the Commission. For those interested in the general cause, you will be directed to ways you can further contribute and help.

"Individual" members and heads of a "family membership" will receive certificates and membership cards appropriate to their unique status as part of the nobility and royalty of the earth, having illustrious ancestors or true titles. The wallet size membership card will reflect any and all certified honors, if appropriate, and if the individual so desires, their picture will be included. Members, whether certified or not, also receive a certificate of recognition that includes all of one's certifications as applicable. Members, who are part of a family membership but not the head of the family, must pay a small additional fee for their personal certificates and membership cards as this is not an automatic part of this membership level. (see "Examples")

We encourage you to read and enjoy the articles that follow, which are informative and can deepen one's understanding of the whys and wherefores as well as the true and permanent rights of royalty, nobility and chivalry. The following articles are considered to be especially important and valuable:

(1) "IDEALS"
(4) "DEPOSED SOVEREIGNTY AND ROYALTY: how to preserve it and how to lose it"

Article #1: "Dynastic Law" by Stephen P. Kerr, LL.M., JD

Article #2: "The Imperial Family of Brazil" by Astrid Bodstein

Article #3: "German Nobility" by Michael Waas

Article #4: "Nobiliary Law and Succession" by Jan-Olov von Wowern

Article #5: "Royal and Noble Ranks, Styles and Addresses"

Article #6: "HM Juan Carlos I: The King who Championed Democracy"

Article #7: "Genealogy"

Article #8: "Heraldry"

Article #9: "Chivalry and Modern Times" by D. Edward Goff

Article #10: "Demoralised Georgia may renewed itself by restoring its monarchy"

Article #11: "The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia"

Article #12: "A Statement Issued by the Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia"

Article #13: "Some Inaccuracies on the Website of Prince David Bagrationi"

Article #14: "The King and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara"

Article #15: "Monarchy Efforts in Serbia"

Article #16: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part One"

Article #17: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part Two"

Article #18: "Virtue, Greatness and Government"  

Article #19: "The Model Constitution"

Article #20: "The Return of Royalty to Indonesia" by Gerry van Klinken & Donald P. Tick

Article #21: "Sovereignty in the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires"

Article #22: "Saved by the Crown" by Joshua Kurlantzick

For "Contact" information or to join the Commission as a contributor or apply for certification for titles, knighthood, status or ancestry, please first read the "Disclaimer and Obligatory Contract." If you fully agree with them, you are welcome to contact us, make contributions, answer our survey and/or become a part of this important cause. Our goals and mission are to protect the public from counterfeit titles, phony knighthoods and fake genealogies. We also want to certify the true and the genuine as well as promote chivalry, royalty and nobility. We need your support. There is so much that needs to be done. We invite you to contribute and join with us.

I have read and agree with the disclaimer, etc., which is merely a gesture of goodwill

I live in the country or nation of:

My name is:

My e-mail address is:

Your comments on monarchy, chivalry, or nobility, comments on any article you’ve read, needed corrections you may have noticed, or questions you may have. We welcome your comments:

For Membership or to become Certified, please read "Membership Categories, Fees, Evidence Requirements & Standards."
When you are ready to move ahead with membership or certification, go to "Enrollments and/or Contributions" or "Registration or Certification."          
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