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Introduction to the Commission's Website 

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The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty presently consists of over 60 members and contributors and seven board members and officers. This includes some scholars and experts in the field of nobility and royalty. No one is paid. This is an association organized to benefit society with what we consider to be of great worth and value. We average about at least 5,000+ hits a day. (See our "Public Newsletter") Our projects and goals may be divided into four main categories:

1. Promotion,
2. Protection,
3. Certification, and
4. Restoration.

If you look on the column to the left, there is a summary of the purpose and mission of The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty. What follows is an account of its inception and the major reasons for its existence.  

First of all, Constitutional Monarchy is the kind of monarchy we advocate. It is upheld and tempered by the supreme law of the land and has been shown to be one of the safest, most stable and most prosperous types of government on earth. (see "Ideals" and "Advantages")

The Problem and the Purpose

The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty was originally conceived to protect the field of nobility and royalty from modern day pirates who impersonate, and by their fraudulent declarations defame, those who hold authentic titles and valid claims. Certification and education are the chief means of influence the Commission will use to defend and preserve the field from the menacing forces that are presently besieging it and denigrating its members.

Regrettably, there are literally thousands of people with phony titles of nobility, and who claim royal or noble descent, masquerading as genuine throughout the earth. And some thirty or more foul organizations are pumping out hundreds of counterfeit title holders and at least forty plus self-appointed phony orders of knighthood exist to fraudulently give out the unauthorized title of "Sir." The true nobility, genuine and legitimate knights and royal persons are often lumped into the same category as deceivers or imposters, because of the prevalence of so many counterfeit claimants. It is difficult to discern the actual from the fake.

There are also many others who claim illustrious ancestors based on nothing more than family fairy tales or vague legends passed down through the generations, or because of unscrupulous greedy men who sell unproven pedigrees to the unwary and unguarded.

In general, internet fraud is a frightening and growing problem. The Internet Crime Complaint Center reports that there was an 11.6% increase in internet fraud in 2005 as compared to 2004. More recently there has been a 33.1% increase from 2007 to 2008 and a 22.3% increase from 2008 to 2009. Things are getting worse, not better. In 2004, $68,400,000.00 million dollars was lost due to internet fraud by various ugly scams, which was very distressing. In 2006, the losses arose to an all time high of over $198,440,000 million dollars to $239,090,000 in 2007. Yet in 2008, it is even worse for reported losses had risen to $264,600,000 million. In 2009, it was $559,700,000 million and 2010 is no different. This huge amount only expresses what has been complained about to the authorities. Much more fraud actual occurred---probably seven to eight times as much, but was never reported. This kind of crime is rampant and epidemic. (

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a day of increasing frauds, bogus titles and scoundrels who plunder and take advantage of the innocent and the ignorant. Hence, there really needs to be a practical and effective organization designed to help protect the public and safeguard it from the lies and deceit of the self-proclaimed title consultants, fake knighthoods and unaccredited genealogists. One of the main purposes and functions of The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty is to certify and authenticate the reality that either one is a true descendent or has a royal and/or noble bloodline, or that one is a true member of the nobility or a recognized member of a royal family, or thirdly, that one is a true knight, baron, prince or some other genuine title of nobility or royalty. (see: "Fake Titles and Counterfeits" & "Titles of Nobility Scams")

Another threat is the strict domestic legalist's point of view, that too many are espousing today, that would rob and cheat the "de jure" or non-ruling nobility and royalty of the earth of their birthright. This perspective is damaging because it disenfranchises and denigrates the traditional and genuine rights of the high nobility as well as the nonreigning royal and imperial houses all over the world.

The domestic legalistic belief can be summarized into the idea that any title of nobility given by a former sovereign house in current times is for private use only and has no worth or value because no government will recognize it. Those who espouse this view generally conclude that only what was accepted in the Congress of Vienna in 1814 has any authenticity today, which is quite presumptuous and out of sync with international law or the law of nations. Professor V. Powell-Smith explains,  ". . . There is no valid reason, legal or historical, to define Sovereign status by reference to 1814 or any date at all." ("The Criteria for Assessing the Validity of Orders of Chivalry" in Nobilitas, Malta, 1970) The reason is that "de jure" sovereignty is perpertual and unending. That is, as long as the successors continue to follow the requirements of international law, their supreme rights have no end and cannot become extinct. Hence, the idea that the Congress of Vienna in 1814 has any significance in terms of who is sovereign, is unjustified or an arbitrary and unreasonable way of looking at things. Although it may be congruent with the modern domestic laws of many countries, it is not consistent with international law as it applies to the sovereign rights and the royal privileges of former ruling houses as well as reigning kingdoms, principalities and nations. It is critical that sovereignty be understood and how it is central to the future of nobility and royalty. It is a core issue impacting everything we stand for. That is, the domestic legalistic view represents a significant threat to the field of nobility and royalty and to the future. One of the reasons the Commission was created was to counter this hostile point of view, which would deprive former monarchies of their proper recognition, that is, the general acceptance of their full inalienable rights under international law and philosophy. (Please see the web article: "Sovereignty & The Future of Nobility and Royalty" to understand this important subject.)  (See also "General Philosophy & Practices")

In addition, a well-researched blog exposes many of the fake princes. Please see:

The International Commission has been organized as a private, non-public organization. It was incorporated with the idea in mind of protecting the public like a professional association or licensing board would, that is, to certify and authenticate the validity and legitimacy of claims. It has not been set up to expose false nobility or make believe titles. Rather its purpose is to certify the genuine so that the public can be assured that an individual is, in fact, the real thing, and not a fake. Those so certified or accredited by the Certification Board have gone through a thorough investigative process and based on the facts gathered are registered, in an appropriate category reflecting their true nature--a status that can be verified and confirmed to be accurate.

A third, but equally important priority, is to promote the ideals of nobility, royalty and monarchy in modern times, including its illustrious past, its future and its potential to benefit all mankind. (see "Ideals" and "Monarchy and Nobility: Divine Rights & Responsibilities") This basic priority is, in addition to the above, considered most critical to our existence as a viable and worthwhile organization. One of the goals is to collect money to be used exclusively to help promote and re-establish monarchies. We have the ambition of making it eminently obvious to all people that constitutional monarchy is a choice that has brought prosperity and stability to most of the richest and most democratic nations on earth--nations that are doing an unusually good job of protecting our most precious of rights as human beings--principles such as life, liberty and the free pursuit of happiness.

In order to be effective in combating the identified threats to nobility and royalty and in promoting the immense potential for good that monarchy can create, we invite people everywhere to become members for a mere $30.00 a year and contribute as they can to enable us to fulfill our important purposes.

All acknowledged and known royal families are automatically recognized as royals whether they are members of this organization or not. Certification of titles and ancestry is obviously free for this group. All others who are certified for various honors must pay a yearly fee to maintain their membership and the privilege of being fully accredited on an ongoing basis. Since the whole process is designed to be inexpensive for all, it is hoped that eventually all the true nobility and royalty of the earth will be registered, and thus exclude as well as expose all fraudulent title peddlers, imposters and fakes from their masquerades and scams. Where we can instigate laws against these charlatans we will endeavor to do so in the hope of safeguarding what we consider sacred.

The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty has actually been operating, but mostly on an inactive basis, since the beginning of the 21st Century. However, since that time, title fraud has more than quadrupled, and it was felt that we could no longer delay our entry into the public arena. Too much that we hold near and dear is suffering damage. Therefore, we feel we must act, and act now to get the word out that we are earnest in establishing this vital protection and service to mankind. In the long run we will prove ourselves to be invaluable to the cause. We are here for the duration. We are not going away.

However, to become fully operational, to accomplish our mission, to make a real difference in the world, we need your support. No one makes a salary in this organization. Everyone is a volunteer from the president on down. Every little amount contributed means that we can expand and enlarge our operations to measure up to the task that is before us. Your help is needed and wanted. Please make the future brighter and contribute to the cause.

How to Identify a Scam and Thus Protect Yourself

There are plenty of scammers or self-deceived people out there on the worldwide web. Part of our focus is on those selling fake titles or knighthoods or who impersonate what is real and genuine. Please see the articles "Fake Titles and Counterfeits," "Title of Nobility Scams," and "Orders of Chivalry" for information on how to recognize if a person or organization is bogus or the real deal. In addition, if there is no real "de jure" sovereignty behind a self-proclaimed prince, then his or her claim is empty and fraudulent. The article "Sovereignty & The Future of Nobility and Royalty" specifies the legal requirements necessary for an authentic claim under international law. If the self-proclaimed prince or order of chivalry does not square with the law regarding sovereignty, the so-called prince or knighthood is a counterfeit or imitation. The true and the real are in full and complete harmony with the law. Other helpful markers are:

"If the offer of an "opportunity" appears too good to be true, it probably is." Follow common business practice. For example, a legitimate business rarely conducts in cash on a street corner.
Know who you are dealing with. If you have not heard of a person, so-called prince or order of chivalry that you intend to do business with, learn more about them. Depending on the amount of money that you intend to spend, you may want to visit the business location, check with the Better Business Bureau, the International Council of Online Professionals or consult with your bank, an attorney, or the police.
Make sure you fully understand any business agreement that you enter into. If the terms are complex, have them reviewed by a competent attorney.
Be wary of businesses that operate out of post office boxes or mail drops and do not have a street address, or dealing with persons who do not a telephone line or are not licensed with the city and state in which they operate or have no other solid and reliable ways of contacting them.

We are licensed, pay our taxes and fees, and have reliable ways to contact us. Our address and phone numbers are on the "Enrollments and/or Contributions" or "Registration or Certification pages." In addition, we are members of two organizations to assure the public we are what we claim to be and do our best to be reliable, honest, sincere and true to our proclaimed purposes.

If you have questions about a self-proclaimed prince, royal or noble house, or order of chivalry, make inquiry, investigate them, ask us if we know anything about them (our contact form is below), do your homework, read the relevant articles, but please do not let yourself be taken in by any questionable operation no matter how authentic and genuine they present themselves to be. Remember that only the "truth can make you free." (John 8:32) Free from very costly and humiliating mistakes.

A Mark of Distinction

Ethical conduct is a core value --- fundamental and basic to everything we stand for.

Our motto is "built on solid evidence." In other words, we are an evidence based society. Everything must be factual, accurate and true. To do otherwise is to violate the whole purpose of our existence. We were created for the express purpose to promote the ideals of what is both true and real, as well as valid and authentic, in the important fields of monarchy, nobility and chivalry.

Our Code of Conduct provides essential guidelines and obligations to the highest standards of ethics and excellence. Not only to comply with the law and common decency, but in good faith to do our very best to be outstanding, cost/effective and reliable in all our dealings.

We, therefore, as a business belonged to "Chamber of Commerce on the Web," which is "The Seal of Integrity in Online Business" for over eight years. "The Chamber of Commerce on the Web" may be contacted at (Chamber of Commerce, 2013:

The sole purpose of our membership in the Chamber was to provide an environment in which a claimant or client could be confident, assured and correct in trusting us to do what we say we will do.
Since, the International Commission is no longer a business oriented company, but has downsized to a become a strictly voluntary service organization, continuing as a business does not make sense.  
We will, of course, continue to serve the best that we can and uphold all our former standards for truth and integrity.
In addition to proving ourselves to be a business organization of integrity, while operating as a for-profit business, the Commission achieved an "A+" rating as an organization through the "Better Business Bureau®In Northern Nevada." That is, on a scale of A+ to F, the commission received the following:

"BBB® Non-Accredited A+ Rating"

This rating was based on 16 factors showing sustained general continuity, dependability and integrity for a long period of time. The BBB may be contacted at: (Better Business Bureau, 2013:

These positive honors are merely to show that we mean business. Ideals and ethics are important to us and will continue to be a guiding factor in all our decisions. Ethical and moral considerations as well as strong arguments having all the markers of truth are the only foundation we have to maintain respect for our decisions and practices. It is therefore central to all that we do.

Articles on this Website

Unless people can see the immense worth and value of monarchy, nobility and chivalry, which is far above silver and gold, these special and unique ideals will lose their edge and could eventually be lost to mankind. There are too many enemies and too much misinformation against monarchy for people to be objective. Nevertheless, knowledge of the true and real facts makes one powerful—the power and freedom to do things beautifully right and reap the rewards that follow. The articles on this website are shared in order to empower and safeguard the rights of the true noble and royal houses of the earth as well as protect the public from falsehoods. Those who are counterfeit or phony will not be benefited. They only pretend to be the real thing. Sooner or later every foundation is exposed for what it really is—a sham of something beautifully real. We will only promote, support and uphold what is genuine and authentic.

We encourage you to read and enjoy the articles that follow, which are informative and can enlarge your understanding of the whys and wherefores as well as the true and permanent rights of royalty, nobility and chivalry. The following articles are considered especially important to read:

(1) "IDEALS"
(4) "DEPOSED SOVEREIGNTY AND ROYALTY: how to preserve it and how to lose it"

Supplimental Articles are as follows:

(a) Dynastic Law
(b) The Imperial Family of Brazil
(c) German Nobility
(d) Nobiliary Law and Succession
(e) Royal and Noble Ranks, Styles and Addresses
(f) HM Juan Carlos I: The King who Championed Democracy
(g) Genealogy
(h) Heraldry
(i) Chivalry and Modern Times
(j) Demoralised Georgia may renewed itself by restoring its monarchy
(k) The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia
(l) Statement of the Royal House of Georgia
(m) A Statement Issued by the Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia
(n) The King and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara
(o) Monarchy Efforts in Serbia
(p) Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part One
(q) Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part Two
(r) Virtue, Greatness and Government  
(s) The Model Constitution
(t) The Return of Royalty to Indonesia
(u) Sovereignty in the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires
(v) Saved by the Crown

Please read these articles and help us refine and improve them. We want to provide the most compelling and convincing articles in the world to better promote what we feel is of such great import.

You are also invited to submit articles for approval by the board to be published in the "ARTICLES OF INTEREST AND IMPORT" section.


We welcome your responses and your membership. For "Contact" information or to join the Commission as a contributor or apply for certification for titles, knighthood, status or ancestry, please first read the "Disclaimer and Obligatory Contract." If you fully agree with them, you are welcome to contact us, make contributions, answer our survey and/or become a part of this important cause. This required agreement is a good faith or goodwill gesture of sincerity, that can go a long way to ensure our continued existence and service to the cause of nobility, royalty and chivalry. We need your support. There is so much that needs to be done. We invite you to contribute.

It is suggested that if you run into a claim that is doubtful and the person is not certified, you might ask them to do so. It is inexpensive by design as a public service to protect the public from unsupportable claims. Certification will assure anyone who inquires that their claim of ancestry, status or title is genuine and not merely an empty boast.

If they won't get certified, presumably for fear of exposure, and are not members of an approved and valid nobiliary association, then there is a good chance, they may be impersonating what is real and authentic or they may be self-deceived or the victim of a scam.  The Commission is to ensure that claims are genuine and to promote the ideals and interests of monarchy, nobility, royalty and chivalry throughout the earth.

I have read and agree with the disclaimer, etc., which is merely a gesture of goodwill

I live in the country or nation of:

My name is:

My e-mail address is:

Your comments on monarchy, chivalry, or nobility, comments on any article you’ve read, needed corrections you may have noticed, or questions you may have. We welcome your comments:


For Membership or to become Certified, please read "Membership Categories, Fees, Evidence Requirements & Standards."

When you are ready to move ahead with membership or certification, go to "Enrollments and/or Contributions" or "Registration or Certification."

For our legal notice and privacy statement, please click on: "Disclaimer and Obligatory Contract."  

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