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Brief Facts on the Commission

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Our website is lengthy and detailed, so in the hope of preventing any misunderstandings, we felt we should state some important facts in as much of a nutshell as we possibly can: 
First and foremost: We believe in integrity and honesty, so much so we have joined two internet quality control programs to ensure the public we mean what we say. The only way these organization will continue to support us is if we remain totally fair, cost/effective, reliable and true to our words.
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(The Better Business Bureau has given The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty an "A" rating for reliability:

Secondly: some things we are and some things we are not:
1. We do not sell anything;
2. We do not do genealogy, we only hire accredited professionals to investigate ancesteral claims to see if they are authentic and genuine. Although we do make referrals to a professional firm that we trust and honor because they have high professional standards---we have worked with them for years, and they are members of The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists: (See "Royal and Noble Genealogy" for more information on them);
3. Our sole purpose is to promote the ideals of royalty, nobility and chivalry and protect the public, where we can, from counterfeiters and bogus schemes to convey fake titles, fraudulent, worthless genealogy, or phony knighthoods that have no current royal backing, or foundation in truth. (See "Home," "Ideals," and "Advantages");

4. We are a service organization. All who work with us are volunteers. No one gets paid. All financial contributions are applied directly to help benefit monarchy, nobility and chivalry through important projects and goals. (See our monthly "Newsletter");
5. We are not experts, but we do not need to be. We hire scholars and professionals, as needed, to investigate certification claims, to determine if they are valid or not. This philosophy was expressed so well by Henry Ford who said, "Why should I clutter my mind with general information when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I need?" Henry Ford was a smart man because he realized that he didn’t need to know it all if he could consult with others that did.   ( Nevertheless, one of our board members holds a JD degree and is an attorney, and another holds two earned, accredited doctorates, has several nationals awards, is a regional presenter for a national professional association and as an author has written a highly successful book that brought in $80,000.00. Three of our volunteers hold bachelor degrees, one is completing a bachelor's degree and one is a nurse;
6. No one who works within the organization of the Commission is allowed to receive any honors, awards or benefits from anyone outside of the organization itself. On more than one occassion we have declined authentic honors (knighthoods) out of respect for our policies. This is merely one of our checks and balances to ensure the organization is never compromised or ruined by any kind of outside incentive to alter the facts or promote an unworthy claim of any kind.

7. We do not, and never will, share confidencial information without the express permission of any individuals who may be involved. Confidentiality is a sacred trust---a principle founded upon respect for human dignity, not merely a recognition of privacy rights. (See "General Philosophy and Practices");

8. Those who deal with us know that we are an evidence based society. Every claim must be proven authentic or it cannot be certified as true and genuine. To be "provisionally" certified, a claim must achieve over a 70% confidence level, which means the claim is clear, convincing and compelling. For "full" certification, a claim must be beyond any reasonable doubt or achieve at least a 90% level of of solid proof. Anything less than these are rejected as unworthy of board certification. Because of this, our reputation for thoroughness, careful scholarship and accuracy continues to grow.  (See "Membership Catagories, Fees, Evidence Requirements and Standards")

We certify illustrious ancestors, either noble or royal, true knighthoods, and current royal or noble titles that are genuine.There are so many fake nobles, royals and knights out there that even the real ones are often looked upon with suspicion. As, sadly, the problem is just getting worse, certification is becoming increasingly more and more important. (See "Home" and "Orders of Chivalry")

9. We are not anonymous to those who know us, but we are purposely anonymous to those who like to slander and fault find. (See "Officers of the Commission")

10. We try to follow what we put on our "Frequently Asked Questions" number two, which is quoted below:

(2) What is the policy of the Commission in regard to criticisms of their fundamental philosophies or beliefs?
The Commission is not inflexible, but much of what we do is written in stone, especially our most basic and fundamental beliefs. They will not vary.  Criticisms are expected, but the Commission will not enter into arguments or defend itself. Its policy can be expressed in two old adages:

(a) "Losers knock, winners don't have to." Winners always win out in the end, because time is on the side of truth. The point is, we have neither the time or resources, orinclination to do battle with any "would be" experts or fault finders. We have a job to do, and we do not want to be distracted from it or derailed by detractors, who seem to thrive on doing battle, rather than truly helping the cause.
(b) "Never underestimate the power of doing nothing." This is an old political saying. The reasoning behind it is, if you enter into the fray, you only encourage the mean spirited to continue. It is rewarding to them. They love it. So the best choice is to do nothing.

Our experience with those who, without making honest inquiry, have judged us, make us all the more appreciative of those who are truly chivalrous in spirit; who are true scholars and gentleman. We applaud those builders who have integrity, common decency and high standards. These are the people who are truly worthy of admiration, honors and high regard. The world needs more people who make positive contributions.

11. We are very grateful to those who make this organization possible and help us get the word out to thousands of people ever day. We average between 15,000 and 20,000 hits a day from people all over the world from almost every nation on earth. We believe this is a very important work worthy of our time, personal sacrifices and earnest efforts. And hope more will join us so we can more fully fulfill our worldwide goals and ideals. We believe that constitutional monarchy is the best form of government that mankind has ever devised for the protection of our individual freedoms and to promote the greatest prosperity on earth. The fact is, the most free, tolerant and stable societies in the world today tend to be constitutional monarchies. (See our monthly "Newsletter" and see the chapters entitled "Ideals" and "Advantages" for our reasons why.)
We encourage you to read and enjoy the articles that follow, which are informative and can deepen one's understanding of the whys and wherefores as well as the true and permanent rights of royalty, nobility and chivalry. The following articles are considered to be especially important and valuable:

(1) "IDEALS"
(4) "DEPOSED SOVEREIGNTY AND ROYALTY: how to preserve it and how to lose it"

Article #1: "Dynastic Law" by Stephen P. Kerr, LL.M., JD

Article #2: "The Imperial Family of Brazil" by Astrid Bodstein

Article #3: "German Nobility" by Michael Waas

Article #4: "Nobiliary Law and Succession" by Jan-Olov von Wowern

Article #5: "Royal and Noble Ranks, Styles and Addresses"

Article #6: "HM Juan Carlos I: The King who Championed Democracy"

Article #7: "Genealogy"

Article #8: "Heraldry"

Article #9: "Chivalry and Modern Times" by D. Edward Goff

Article #10: "Demoralised Georgia may renewed itself by restoring its monarchy"

Article #11: "The Royal Line of Kings & True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia"

Article #12: "A Statement Issued by the Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia"

Article #13: "Some Inaccuracies on the Website of Prince David Bagrationi"

Article #14: "The King and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara"

Article #15: "Monarchy Efforts in Serbia"

Article #16: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part One"

Article #17: "Sources of Corruption in Government: The Need for Checks and Balances, Part Two"

Article #18: "Virtue, Greatness and Government"  

Article #19: "The Model Constitution"

Article #20: "The Return of Royalty to Indonesia" by Gerry van Klinken & Donald P. Tick

Article #21: "Sovereignty in the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires"

Article #22: "Saved by the Crown" by Joshua Kurlantzick

For "Contact" information or to join the Commission as a contributor or apply for certification for titles, knighthood, status or ancestry, please first read the "Disclaimer and Obligatory Contract." If you fully agree with them, you are welcome to contact us, make contributions, answer our survey and/or become a part of this important cause. Our goals and mission are to protect the public from counterfeit titles, phony knighthoods and fake genealogies. We also want to certify the true and the genuine as well as promote chivalry, royalty and nobility. We need your support. There is so much that needs to be done. We invite you to contribute and join with us.

I have read and agree with the disclaimer, etc., which is merely a gesture of goodwill

I live in the country or nation of:

My name is:

My e-mail address is:

Your comments on monarchy, chivalry, or nobility, comments on any article you’ve read, needed corrections you may have noticed, or questions you may have. We welcome your comments:

For Membership or to become Certified, please read "Membership Categories, Fees, Evidence Requirements & Standards."
When you are ready to move ahead with membership or certification, go to "Enrollments and/or Contributions" or "Registration or Certification."
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