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Registration or Certification 
Please, before you donate wanting to be certified or registered, please contact us. Some people have sent us impossible claims or claims too complicated for us to verify and confirm as factual and authenitc. We need to discuss these things before you apply to ensure this kind of service is appropriate. If all is well and you deside to proceed and donate, you will receive an application in the mail with directions on how to proceed.

We look forward to helping you.

(Please see "Membership Catagories, Fees, Evidence Requirements and Standards" for the required standards that must be met for each category.)

Please remember that to contact us or apply for membership or donate constitutes agreement with the legal notice and contract specified on the "Disclaimer, Obligatory Contract & Invitation" page, which is merely designed to protect and safeguard the good name, purposes and future of the International Commission so it can complete its mission. This required agreement is a goodwill gesture of sincerity, that can go a long way to ensure our continued existence and service to the cause of nobility, royalty and chivalry. We need your support. There is much that needs to be done.

Contact us at the following email address:

Payment can be made via credit card by clicking the PayPal "Donate" button below or by check or money order as desired.

Our mailing address:

The International Commission
on Nobility and Royalty (ICNR)
179 Kings Row Estates
180 North 1100 East
Washington City, Utah 84780
emergency only: (435) 229-8443
Please use the above email address to communicate with us.
(our other email address was contaminated by junk mail and advertisers)

The difficulty of a case varies according to catagory and the complexity of the claim:

All donations are non-refundable.

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